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Middle School Counseling

Effective middle school counseling uses a proactive and positive approach to help parents and students understand that the decisions they make now can greatly influence the course of higher education.  This approach reduces stress and frees precious family time and resources to take the steps that truly count. 

Middle School Counseling for Contra Costa and Alamada CountiesMiddle school classes set the foundation for high school coursework and the high school academic record is at the heart of the college application.  Each year national surveys of colleges and universities demonstrate that the quality of high school coursework and pattern of grades remain the most important factors in college success. 

Families that start early can capitalize on opportunities to help their child make the most of the middle school experience, and learn how choices made now affect how colleges view you later. 

A working session is arranged with families to identify appropriate middle school courses and create an action plan that leads to a college preparatory four year plan in high school. The meeting also helps to identify meaningful activities for the school year and in the summer.

At the Middle School Session, families:

  • Discuss needs, concerns, and questions of student and parents/guardians
  • Review academic and social history; discuss academic and personal goals
  • Review high school's current course offerings
  • Review middle school classes that prepare the student for college preparatory coursework in high school; suggest enrichment, if needed
  • Review high school coursework recommended for selective college admissions
  • Design a four year high school plan (for 8th grade students)
  • Discuss extracurricular activities; learn how to deepen and document involvement
  • Develop a positive and proactive plan for students with special needs and talents
  • Review the basics of financial planning for college (expanded session available for parents only)

Additional sessions are available to families with children who have special needs and who seek expanded guidance in making the transition from middle school to high school.

Contact Doing College for more information. We offer educational consulting services to students and their parents in Lafayette, Moraga, and Orinda California as well as nationally and internationally.


"Three years ago, we started looking for a College Advisor when our oldest child graduated from eight grade. We just wanted someone to tell us "how it works." In Elizabeth, we found a college expert who genuinely cares about the success and well-being of our daughter.  Through the years she has become a trusted family friend.


"Initially, Elizabeth met with the three of us to explain college entrance requirements and what to strive for over the high school years, in order to maximize our daughter’s college opportunities. After each semester, Elizabeth reviewed our daughter’s grades and activities and provided guidance for any areas of concern. Elizabeth was available to help our daughter decide which classes to take each year, what activities to keep or quit, and how to make informed decisions. Elizabeth offered academic and other advice during important transitional times or when our daughter was struggling.


"Elizabeth provided amazing recommendations for tutors and SAT prep strategy. We have the most important year ahead of us, but Elizabeth is already open to exploring the college path for our crazy about learning but not so crazy about grades, high school junior.


"Elizabeth is caring and supportive of our daughter and our family values. If you are looking for a knowledgeable college advisor who is well connected with academic and other experts, is available for your child and family during critical decision making periods, and genuinely cares about the success and welfare of your child, I would highly recommend Elizabeth LaScala."  


Judy and Tony Sarsam
Lafayette, CA