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Online College Counseling

What if you don’t live nearby our offices?  Whether you are in Houston, New York, Hong Kong or London we can work successfully together.  All you need is a computer with a webcam and access to a high speed broadband Internet connection to enjoy the benefits of expert college and graduate school advice.  There are many advantages to working with Doing College:

  • Since 2010 I have been working electronically with students across the country and around the world as well as in my local area using Internet (Skype and GoToMeeting), email and telephone.  As a result I have built expertise communicating effectively using electronic modalities and proprietary online tools.
  • The fact that technology has permitted me to serve a wider range of students has also provided me with the knowledge and expertise to find perfectly matched colleges and universities for both national and international clients.
  • Out of state or international students who want to attend a California college or university can benefit from the expertise of a local advisor. 
  • Finding a dedicated college advisor at an affordable price can prove to be a daunting task. Doing College offers a wide range of service levels that fit most every family’s budget.

"Please accept my deepest gratitude.  We were floundering trying to help our daughter with her graduate school applications.  We heard about you from a high school counselor in Los Angeles who said you were the best person to contact for graduate school admissions. 

"You helped Alex refine and balance her graduate program application list, and turn her personal statement into one of the strongest points of her application.  We already have some great results.  One professor liked her statement so much, he contacted her directly. An admissions officer got in touch with her and offered a generous stipend award and tuition assessed at in-state rates.

"You did a great job and we are very appreciative that you accepted our daughter as a client and made time for her...even through the holiday season.  Alex continues to seek your wise counsel regarding the quality of the programs, aid awards, and the like. 


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Feel free to quote me, use my name, or give my number out as a reference."

Susan Brownstein (Los Angeles, CA)
Daughter, Alex Brownstein
Online Consulting
MS Molecular Biology
Class of 2016

To learn more about distance counseling and a free trial online session, please contact Doing College.


"International applicants have a more complex path to getting into a US college.  I am excited to let you know that I have heard back from three universities so far and have been admitted to all of them! Loyola Marymount University and University of San Diego have admitted me and University of Delaware not only accepted me but also offered me a scholarship!

"I would like to thank you for all of your help, as I believe this would not have been possible without you!"

Lia Fior
Online Consulting
International Student
Class of 2014

"Katie got in to USC today!  Since Katie's freshman year in high school, your recommendations, essay help, and personal advisement were key factors in her getting into her first choice school, so we all thank you for that.  And online consulting made it very convenient for us too."

Marty Bradley
Daughter, Katie Bradley
Online Consulting
University of Southern California
Class of 2018  

"Just wanted to let you know I got my first acceptance into UC Davis! So excited!!!! Thank you so much for all your help!"

Kacy Stadtmiller
Online Consulting
UC Davis
Class of 2018