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"When our second child, Elyssa, was in middle school, we interviewed college advisors.  Our school counselors are good, but they do not have time for much personalized attention.  We knew from going it alone with our older son that we could (and did) miss opportunities along the way. 

"Our goal was to develop a relationship with a college advisor sooner rather than later, since we now understand that good college planning is essential to good outcomes.  Each child is different so we had no illusions that we were experts just because we had gone through it once. Our search ended when we met with Elizabeth. 

"Over the past three years we developed a strong and trusting relationship with Elizabeth as our family’s college advisor.  She has provided guidance with course selections, academic tutoring, and summer activities.  She helped develop a sane and sensible standardized testing schedule which ultimately saved us time and money.   When I was pressing our daughter to do more activities, Elizabeth advocated for balance, reminding me that youngsters need time to be children and avoid burnout.  During our family vacation, we took a few relaxed tours at colleges Elizabeth recommended in the same area we vacationed. Now as a sophomore in high school, Elyssa likes Elizabeth, respects her expertise and feels comfortable seeking her advice. 

"We are delighted to have formed this trusting partnership with someone who will help us with college selections and guide Elyssa through all her applications, associated timelines and tasks.  Instead of dread, we are looking forward to it this time around!"

Golda and Robert Epstein

"Thank you for all you have helped me to accomplish over the past two years of high school.  Starting with a list of pre-med programs that fit my priorities and interests, steering me toward the right test preparation at the right time and working through each application essay until I reached the finish line, you were the vital link to being a successful applicant. 

"Now I have to make a tough decision since I have so many offers to consider! I wouldn't have been able to do this without you!"
David Quill
Class of 2017